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Luna Rival is a gift, that is for sure. But showing up in a cardboard box is just another level of ridiculousness! Somehow, this stud is not fazed at all. The only discrepancy seems to be that he ordered this mail order bride to his business address instead of his home address. Well, that is life sometimes. Mistakes happen. But our stud is not going to let a little mix up fuck up his day. He cuts a hole in the box for Luna to breathe, and then asks if she likes surprises. She says yes, so he whips out his fat boss hog and sticks it through the breathing hole. She sucks it in the box, waiting to pop out and show her juicy pussy to her new man. When she finds her way out of the cardboard, she does not disappoint. She is a hot chick with cute bangs and a sexy body to boot. She takes her mans hard order in her asshole with a face that says she was made for this. Then she rides him in his office chair until he is ready to unleash his seed. When it is all over, he tells her to get back in the box, but I do not think he will be returning this order!