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Uncle Bob and Alice Klay like to play video games just as much as to play sex games. Some day they decided to mix all together when Uncle Bob came home and found his young sexy girlfriend playing an old school racing video game.Alice was using her Hitachi magic wand to drive the car on the screen and not only was playing well but all the vibrations made her clit feel like it was leaning against a 600 hp engine! It was something similar to what she felt riding a muscle bike without panties but 100 times better and it was amazing!Alice wanted more power and took uncle Bob's personal hard "joystick" out of his pants, starting to lick and suck it. Some magic happened then! The game and reality mixed! Alice wanted to get her uncle Bob's stick deep inside to feel the most unity between her and the car driver... Somehow the horny girl knew that the most scores she would get for getting uncle Bob's big and hard joystick in her tight asshole...