French Lesson - SWEETYX

Channel: SWEETYX

A French teacher Jean-Marie comes to Ivi Rein's place. He asks Ivi to take her notebook and pen but when the girl says that she forgot everything at school and then picks her phone up and starts talking to someone - that makes the teacher mad.He is a well-known French teacher with highest per hour rates and he won't let some young nasty girl show such disrespect to him! Even if her french lesson was already paid!First of all, Jean-Marie teaches Ivi a lesson in obedience, giving her a couple of slaps, putting on the knees and spanking the naughty schoolgirl's ass until it's red. Then he teaches Ivi french kissing. And this is the moment Ivi starts to suspect that Jean-Marie is not a teacher of French language..See Ivi Rein discovering the truth that... her French teacher is a French SEX teacher! However, at the moment she realised that, she was already lying on the sofa with legs spread wide and her shaved holes licked and fingerfucked!