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Pornstars: Sasha Sparrow Yukki Amey

2885 - Sasha and Yukki are huge anime lovers and often watch sex images together.One day they were bored - if such naughty girls can ever be bored - and decided to take photos in poses reproducing anime characters. At some moment they saw a super dissolute picture with a blue-haired anime girl spreading her butt chicks and showing a big anal gape.- Can we do that? - Yukki asked. She persuaded Sasha to try.Although Sasha did her best to gape her anus, it didn't work. Her tight asshole didn't want to gape. As always, naughty Yukki had a good idea: they will use a glass dildo and lube!Yukki inserted the sex toy stick into Sasha's ass and... the girls liked it! The redhead one loved how the glass toy looked going deep into the asshole and the receiving brunette was enjoying the feeling of her tight anus filled.The two naughties started to take photos of themselves in anime style.. But.. they needed something more. They needed to call uncle Bob.Uncle Bob was a little strange Yukki's uncle but he was a nice guy ready to help. Besides, he had a big tool! The bad girls covered Bob's eyes with panties and Sasha started to suck his quickly aroused dick.- Something wet is tickling my dick! Is it your cat, Yukki? - asked uncle Bob.- No, it's not a cat... - his lecherous niece replied.Watch Yukki masturbating her ass and making her uncle watch while Sasha is sucking and riding the man's dick with all her holes!Crazy threesome sex story!

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