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2719 - It’s time to go back to school! For the very first time Kate Rich has her own appartment. As usual she only had to be really sweet with her daddy to get what she wanted.Her dad would do everything for his beautiful daughter. She’s so nice. She's always been doing good at school getting high grades, she does sports, she eats fruits and she’s adorable.The only worry about her is... how to say...Kate is really sexy. As soon as she turned 18 she realized her big passion for playing with older men. During her father’s private parties Kate used to appear in her tiny underwear and liked to sit on every man's knees. The naughty girl liked to be touched and feel men's hands on her hair, thighs, ass and belly.In other words: she has always been a slutty girl. And now for the very first time she is alone in her own place. Living in her father’s house, Kate often used to hide in her room and play with her mother’s sextoys which she'd found. But now she’s alone and can do whatever she wants.Today Kate replied to the advertisуment of a sport coach about private home training. She’s soooo exited. He should come very soon and the horny naughty girl has some dirty dreams in her mind...

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