Prom Night Revenge: Part 4 - Elegant Anal

Channel: Elegant Anal

Prom night may have gotten off to a rough start for prom-queen-hopeful Avi, what with her bestie being late and screwing up her perfect arrival at prom, but things definitely smoothed out once Avi was crowned Prom Queen (as it should be). However, things take a turn for the worse when her besties betray her in a bout of spitefulness as she reveals a cheating past to her prom king boyfriend Ricky. The bell cannot be unrung, no matter how much bestie Nikki apologizes, as Ricky went straight to revenge by fucking two adorable cuties at the after party. When Avi shows up to discover all this, she makes one final move against her bestie, taking the only thing Nikki really loves away from her — her father!