Episode 5: The Betrayal - Captain Stabbin

Channel: Captain Stabbin

Is this it? Is this the episode we've all been waiting for with baited breath? Are the Stabbin' Crew FINALLY going to get their boat and begin their anal adventures? If Ricky planned on backstabbing them and stealing the domain, why not turn things around and steal his boat? After picking up Connor from his day job -- fixing dominatrix Kyler Quinn's web show connection -- the crew sneak toward the harbor with revenge in their veins and pumping to their hearts. Everything seems to be going according to plan until Ricky arrives unexpectedly (of course) with the gorgeous Sloan Harper on his arm. Sneaking behind Ricky's back, Sophie manages to rope Sloan into joining in on their high seas thievery and they manage to drift off to freedom. Wait, what's that noise? Are those sirens? Is that Titty Bar Security?